About Valleys In India

Valleys in India

India could be a stunning country in each dimension. On one aspect nature has endued with it with huge wealthy within the variety of mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, streams, falls, ocean and backwaters of the ocean, beaches, several of those endowments born-again to superb nature parks, beach resorts and hill stations. On the opposite aspect, it speaks regarding the heritage of humanity within the variety of Palaces, tombs, temples and few alternative structures bewitching the holidaymaker with the wonders of yesterday.

Among them valleys play a big half, that offers the tourists ever pleasurable read locations, scintillating climate and journey sport opportunities, whereas visiting these valleys.

There are about 40 to 50 valleys spread throughout the country. While all of them are wonderful tourist spots, some of them are very significant.

Valleys of Different Regions

Northern part of India is known for hills and mountains, but equally it is rich with valleys.

Jammu and Kashmir is Valley enriched besides great mountains, which is covered with lush green forests, rivers and pastures formed by the Jhelum River.

Himachal Pradesh has Kangra Valley with it, amidst many other equally amazing ones like Spiti valley, Sangla valley and Chamba valley.

The valley of flowers belongs to Uttarakhand, where thousands of different beautiful flowers bloom with their natural charm.
Dibang valley which is in Arunachal Pradesh, divided as upper valley and lower valley, among the two, the lower valley being more attractive.

Among the valleys of Nagaland, the Dzukou valley is well known for its amazing trekking spots and breathtaking natural sanctuary.

Neora valley lying around Kalimpong hills, in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, has with it enchanting streams, scintillating waterfalls and unique species of wild animals.

In South India, valleys around Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh are unbelievably rich with landscape, supplemented by lush green forests and coffee plantations, particularly the Araku Valley.

Ketti Valley is the second largest valley in the world situated in the Coonoor to Ooty road in Tamil Nadu state. This is the best place for hiking; trekking and bird watching .There is also another beautiful valley in Tamilnadu which is elephant valley closer to Kodaikanal hills.

Kerala hosts Silent Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys located in the Nilgiri hills of south Western Ghats and known as evergreen natural rainforests in India. 

Karnataka’s Shimoga district has with it the unexplored Sharavathi Valley, which offers abundant scope for trekking and acqua sports.

The well known Kasplateau also known as the valley of flower is in Maharashtra State. This valley is further beautified by the Kas Lake appearing next to the beautiful flower carpet emerging during seasons.


Every valley of India is annexed with wonderful tourism resorts and nature parks. It will be a great opportunity for a traveler to take Valley tourism packages offered by various travel agencies, covering each of the regions of India.

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