About Symbols Of India

Symbols of India

Symbols signify nice ton of things. In everything we tend to do and in everything we tend to see.
Every faith encompasses a image to greet, each gesture encompasses a symbolical which means of cultural expression and each mark conveys right message at right times, sort of a tick says approval and cross indicates disapproval.

Many might not apprehend these symbols area unit straightforward matters or objects of our day to day living, carrying their own messages. aside from human action straightforward meanings, symbols have several different aspects like motivation, interpretation and secret implications. The kingdoms of yesterday were exploitation symbols for numerous strategic necessities.

Political parties have their symbols terribly rigorously designed for winning followers to vote. community brings within the conception of image to boost its whole image and recognition. Service organisations too have symbols to convey what they're supposed for. therefore with the general public service or utility organisations, like LIC having a brand of 2 kind palms protective a flame of a lamp.

But, the symbols carried by Indian States area unit simply plain illustration of their character and enrichments. They merely wake up one’s mind of what State is being described. as an example, if one thinks of the animal cat, Himachal Pradesh involves one's mind, for the region is snow clad and leopard is that the favorite coinage of that half. So, is Elephant with Kerala, province or Jharkhand.

In the same way, all Indian States have their symbols in terms of a tree, a flower, an animal, a bird or some other element. The respective State governments have published these symbols for use in appropriate places and appropriate occasions.

Symbols are chosen on different reasons. In the above cases, the animals are taken as symbols because these animals are abundant in these regions. In some cases, birds are symbolic of their representation of their heritage, such as Liver bird is the symbol of Liverpool, England.

Sometimes, symbolism with birds is attributable for sentiments and spiritual aspects, such as Chinese chose symbols to ward off evil influences, as a matter of sentiment. They did it with every item of living like clothing, furniture, ornament or every item of usage.

Every country has a symbol to express its policy; likewise every State in India has its symbol to tell about its wealth and virtues.It will be interesting to know what all the symbols of the States in India are and what their significances are.

Symbols of Andhra Pradesh

Blackbuck, Animal | Indian Roller, Bird | Margosa, Tree | Water lily, Flower

Symbols of Arunchal Pradesh

Gayal, Animal | Great Hornbill, Bird | Lady slipper orchid, Flower

Symbols of Assam

One Horned Rhinoceros, Animal | White-winged Wood Duck, Bird | Foxtail Orchids, Flower

Symbols of Bihar

Gaur, Animal | Indian Roller, Bird | Peepal, Tree | Kachnar, Flower

Symbols of Chattisgarh

Wild Buffalo, Animal | Hill Myna, Bird

Symbols of Goa

Gaur, Animal | Black-Crested Bulbul, Bird | Matti, Tree

Symbols of Gujarat

Asiatic Lion , Animal |Greater Flamingo , Bird

Symbols of Haryana

Blackbuck, Animal | Black Francolin , Bird | Peepal , Tree | Lotus, Flower

Symbols of Himachal Pradesh

Snow Leopard, Animal | Monal, Bird | Deodar, Tree | Rhododendron, Flower

Symbols of Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir Stag, Animal | Black-necked Crane, Bird | Chinar, Tree | Lotus, Flower

Symbols of Jharkhand

Elephant, Animal | koel, Bird | Sal, Tree | Palash, Flower

Symbols of Karnataka

Elephant, Animal | Indian Roller, Bird |Sandal, Tree | Lotus, Flower

Symbols of Kerala

Elephant, Animal | Great Hornbill, Bird | Coconut, Tree | Kanikonna, Flower

Symbols of Madhya Pradesh

Swamp Deer, Animal

Symbols of Maharashtra

Giant Squirrel, Animal | Green Imperial Pigeon, Bird | Mango, Tree | Jarul, Flower

Symbols of Manipur

Sangai , Animal | Mrs. Hume's Pheasant , Bird | Toon, Tree | Shiroy lily, Flower

Symbols of Meghalaya

Clouded Leopard , Animal | Hill Myna, Bird | Gamari, Tree | Lady Slipper Orchid, Flower

Symbols of Mizoram

Hillock Gibbon, Animal | Mrs. Hume's Pheasant, Bird | Iron Wood, Tree | Red Vanada, Flower

Symbols of Nagaland

Gaur, Animal |Blyth's Tragopan, Bird | Alder, Tree | Rhododendron, Flower

Symbols of Orissa

Sambar , Animal | Peacock, Bird | Banyan, Tree | Lotus, Flower

Symbols of punjab

Blackbuck, Animal |Northern Goshawk , Bird | Sheesham , Tree

Symbols of Rajasthan

Chinkara, Animal | Indian Bustard, Bird | Khejri, Tree | Rohira, Flower

Symbols of Sikkim

Red Panda, Animal | Blood Pheasant, Bird | Rhododendron, Tree | Nobile Orchid , Flower

Symbols of Tamil Nadu

Nilgiri Tahr, Animal | Emerald Dove, Bird | Palm, Tree | Glory lily, Flower

Symbols of Tripura

Phayre's Langur, Animal | Green Imperial Pigeon , Bird

Symbols of Uttranchal

Musk Deer , Animal | Himalayan Monal , Bird | Burans, Tree | Brahm Kamal, Flower

Symbols of Uttar Pradesh

Swamp Deer , Animal | Sarus Crane, Bird | Ashok, Tree | Brahm Kamal, Flower

Symbols of West Bengal

Fishing cat, Animal | White-throated Kingfisher , Bird | Chatian, Tree | Shephali, Flower