About Sbi In India

SBI in India
State bank of India is an internationally recognized public sector bank and a financing company. It was renamed into State bank of India from Imperial bank of India in 1955, which in turn was an amalgamation of bank of Bengal, Bombay, and Bank of Madras. The bank bear chattels of INR 20, 48,080 crores and operates in total of 16,333 branches, it further includes 191 foreign offices and is spread across 36 countries. Being largest banking and financial services company in India by possessions it is one of the four big banks of India. The headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. SBI is a government owned co-operation, earlier reserve bank of India took 60% stake of it, which was later overtaken by Government of India in 2008.
Several branches of State bank of India can be found in different states of India from cities of urban area to developed rural areas. The bank provides excellent banking facilities and bears a splendid contribution to the managing the finance cycle in the economy if India.