About Revers In India

Rivers In India

The Rivers have a religious importance moreover within the Hindu Hindu deity, in line with Hindu mythology, there square measure 3 main Gods particularly Brahma - the creator, Shiva – the destroyer and Hindu deity - the maintainer. Yamuna watercourse is taken into account as Hindu deity, Ganga watercourse as Shiva and Saraswati watercourse as Brahma. of these 3 rivers meet at the Prayag Sangam that is most sacred and spot of worship and also the website wherever Kumbh competition is well known.

Rivers are called the supply of romance, velour, detachment, devotion, religion, wisdom, belief and information. They depict the evolution of art and culture beside dance, music, intellect, epic and history. The Demigods and Demons churned the oceans so as to achieve nectar that is employed to become immortal.

Importance of River

Rivers constitute an important part in the people of India’s lives. The River provides various facilities for irrigation, cheap transportation, potable water, livelihood of various people across the country and in rural areas and electricity. This is main reason of cities being located near the banks of rivers.

Spiritual and Cultural Importance

Celebrations on Rivers

During the solar and lunar eclipse, it is believed that on taking bath in the holy rivers a person can get rid of his sins. There is also a holy bath on the day of full moon day known as Poornima in the river Ganga. And it is also believed to take a bath on the Day of Makar Sakranti so there are various celebration and ceremonies made in these rivers including the tribute of Pitra Paksh.

Major Rivers of India

The various rivers includes Chambal, Betwa, Kosi, Brahmaputra, Son, Gomti, Ghaghra, Gandak, Indus, Ravi, Sutlej, Beas etc which flow from various parts of the world.

  • The Longest River is the Ganges in India.
  • The Longest tributary of India is Yamuna.

The Indian River system comprises of seven main rivers and various other tributaries across. The Bay of Bengal takes in most of the water of the rivers however the Arabian Sea takes in the water coming out of India’s western part and eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. There is a system of inland drainage in the parts of dry region of Thar Desert, northern parts of the Aravalli range and also some part of Ladakh.

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