About Regional Classic Folks Music

Famous Regional Classic Folks Music

India could be a land of art and culture, with wondrous cultural diversity however unified tradition and heritage , ethnic music taking part in vital role of each occasion, having heap of regional flavor however with meaning message and spirit.

Starting with the northern region, the regional classical ethnic music includes Bhangra that is of Punjabi origin, however in style throughout Bharat, which matches with performing arts with joy and eudemon, whereas the normal ethnic music conjointly referred to as Bhangra, with its feminine dance version referred to as Giddha, each occupying vital place of all functions and festivals once individuals be part of along to get pleasure from the season.

In the East, one would get pleasure from the folks music Bauls of geographical area, that is practiced since eighteenth century, the folks songs sung with the accompaniment of music genre instruments like khamak, dotara or ektara, the term Baul that means mental disease aroused by divine force, for those concerned of this people music lose themselves to feelings of terribly high order, invoking celestial seventh heaven.

Pandavani is the folk music rendering joy and ecstasy, which is music oriented narration of the great epic Mahabharata, keeping Bhima as the hero, is popular of the State of Chattisgarh, while Dandiya is the dance oriented classical folk music, which is now popular throughout the world as pop music number, which is sung and danced especially during Navratri festivals of the Northern part of the country.

As one goes to the Southern part of India, there are quite a number of Classical folk music encompassing different occasions of the life events, right from the birth to the death ceremonies, most of them played at the appropriate occasions, if not for entertainment, which are popularly known as Nattuppurapadalkal which literally means the songs of the rural places, such as  ‘thalattu’ for singing while making the child sleep, ‘Nalungu’ while enthusing the newly married couple, ‘Pilakkanam’ during death ceremonies, ‘Oppari’ on sad occasions, etc, while there are many folk songs sung by those working of paddy fields during harvest times.

Karnataka region patronizes the folk music form called Bhavageete, emotion rich rendition of excellent poetry, similar to Ghazals of Maharashtra, covering themes of Love, nature, philosophy etc, for which folklore many popular writers of Kannada have contributed good number of lyrics.

Lavani is a popular form of classical folk music of Maharashtra, traditionally sung by female folks, sometimes males too sing these songs, while the dance accompanying this folk music is called Tamsha, the entire redndition done by the team of Tamashabai as the dancer, dance assistant Maavshi, the drummer called Dholkivaala and the flutist BaasriVaala.