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Black Beans With Coconut

Black Beans with Coconut

Brief Description

Black beans are a very versatile ingredient which is used all over the world in many recipes. Here on this page one can find a recipe called black bean with coconut which is very simple and uses black beans as main ingredient.

Time for preparation 10 minutes
Time for cooking 40 minutes
No. of servings 40

Ingredients For Black Beans with Coconut

  • butter 1 tbsp
  • minced shallot- ½  
  • uncooked jasmine rice- 1 cup
  • coconut milk- ¾ cup
  • water- 1 cup
  • nutmeg powder- 1 pinch
  • black beans- 1 can

Black Beans with Coconut

How To Make Black Beans with Coconut

  • Take a saucepan and melt butter in it on medium flames.
  • Add in shallots and cook till shallots turn translucent and are soft.
  • Stir in the rice and coat it in butter.
  • Pour over the water and coconut milk. Sprinkle the nutmeg powder for seasoning.
  • Let it boil on high flames, reduce the flames and let it simmer under the cover till water is absorbed and rice is tender.
  •  Now mix in the black beans and stir nicely before serving.

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