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Baked Tortilla Chips

Baked Tortilla Chips

Brief Description

Baked Tortilla Chips is a very delicious and yummy low fat recipe. And it is prepared with the combination of tortilla and maize flour. The main ingredients include wheat flour, chili powder, carom seeds, oil, salt and plain flour. This Baked Tortilla Chips helps to provide you proteins and calcium which help to keep your health in control. And this Baked Tortilla Chips salad is best to serve with Roti and Rice. Learn how to prepare and make Baked Tortilla Chips by following this easy recipe.

Time to prepare 10 minutes
Time to cook 15 minutes
Serves 6 serves


Ingredients For Baked Tortilla Chips

  • Maize Flour- 1 cup
  • Wheat Flour- half cup
  • Chili Powder- ¼ tbsp
  • Carom Seeds- ½ tbsp
  • Oil- 1 tbsp
  • Salt to Taste
  • Plain Flour For Dusting

Baked Tortilla Chips

How to make Baked Tortilla Chips

  • Combine all the stuff and knead it using water.
  • After that separate the dough into 6 parts.
  • Then you can take a non stick pan and cook it on a low flame.
  • After that incise every tortilla into 6 triangular pieces.
  • Now you can place the pieces in a single coat.
  • Then you should bake for 10 minutes until chips become lightly browned and crisp.
  • Cool and store it in container.

Baked Tortilla Chips

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