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North Indian Sweet Recipes

No doubt that we Indians are born with a sweet tooth. Popularly known as mithai, sweets in North India are available in different flavors, colors, shapes to suit your urge for sweets. In North India, these sweets are decorated and garnished with silver, nuts, cashews, almonds, and saffron. Generally the desserts are very tempting and are often served after the main course meals. A perfect way to end your lunch and dinner, the sweets in North India are also served with tea as snacks. In North India the sweets play a very vital role during different occasions, no matter it is marriage, puja, birthday, wedding anniversaries etc. Sweets represent a celebration which people celebrate with their friends and family. 
Like each region has its own special sweets and desserts or mainly called the signature sweet, North India too has its own sweets which are relished by people of different regions. Here is a list of some popular North Indian Sweets:

  • Gulab Jamun – These are small balls made of flour and mava, while are soaked in sugar syrup.
  • Gaajar ka halwa – Rich and delicious, this dish is made with grated carrot, ghee and milk. They are garnished with almonds and cashews.
  • Jalebi – These are best when served with curd or raberi.
  • Kulfi – This is the Indian version of ice cream. Made from milk while flavored with cardamom, these are best served with rabri.
  • Ras Malai – These are sweet dumplings which are made from cottage cheese which is soaked in thick, sweet milk that is flavored with different dry fruits and saffron.
  • Besan ka ladoo – All time favorite of most of the Indians, this ladoo is prepared in homes traditionally on different occasions and festivals. The main trick of preparing this sweet is browning the gram flour precisely.
  • Kheer – Also called the rice pudding, this sweet or dessert is generally served in North India after the main course meals. It can be made during any day or month of the year.

With so many sweets to relish on, North India is certainly a place that has sweets in abundance for every occasion.