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East Indian Sweets Recipes

Home to different beaches and mountains, East India is well recognized for its popular sweets which are relished by people all across the world. These people confess having a sweet tooth. The delicious assorted varieties of sweets and desserts available in East India can hardly be ignored. Made purely from ghee and milk, East India has some popular and signature sweets which are world famous like Rasogullas, Mishti Doi and Sandesh.
These dishes are not confined to the Eastern region only, in fact are popular all across India for making your life sweetened. Well known as irresistible treats, the East Indian sweets have their own flair and sweetness. Just like other parts of the country, sweets in Eastern region are generally prepared during any festival, function, and marriages. These sweets are first offered to God and then served to friends and family members. Some of the popular East Indian sweet recipes are:

  • Rasgulla – These are spongy and soft balls made of cottage cheese which is soaked in chilled sugar syrup. Perfectly made Rasgullas melt in your mouth leaving you to crave more of these.
  • Sandesh – Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try Sandesh, a popular sweet of West Bengal. It is said that no Bengali meal is considered to be complete without serving sandesh. It is milk based sweet which doesn’t last long, so one must try and consume it soon after it is made. Now since it is so delicious, who will want to resist it?
  • Mishti Doi – This sweet is synonymous with West Bengal in East India. Fond of this sweet, the Bengalis prepare this sweet very often. It is great in taste and is very simple to make.

These sweet dishes form a basic part of their staple food. With different variations which are seen in every sweet and dessert, the East Indian Sweets must be tasted once in your lifetime.