About Recipes In India

“Tandoori” could be a word similar with luxurious Indian fare that's stewed within the Indian kitchen appliance referred to as “Tandoor”. The oven is employed in most of the northern elements of the Indian ground which includes the north Indian states and conjointly most of Asian country.

Tandoori roti is stewed within the oven as is different food like marinated and skewered vegetables, Indian pot cheese referred to as “Paneer”, meat and chicken kebabs and conjointly the entire chicken standard Indian food celebrated across the globe.as “tandoori Chicken”.

Tandoori roti as the name suggests is the Indian roti that is cooked in the Tandoor or the Indian oven. It is the staple of rural northern India and is ideally eaten hot with accompanying vegetables or daal which is lentils. The tandoori roti details are not much different from the any other Indian roti except that it is baked in the tandoor and not on the skillet. It is nutritious as tandoori roti is made of whole wheat flour and there is no leavening agent added to it. The dough is made into small single portions and patted into a thin round pancake. This is another small difference in the tandoori roti details and other Indian rotis. All other rotis except the tandoori roti and the roomali roti are rolled into thin pancake-like rounds using the rolling pin. However, for he tandoori roti and the roomali roti, the skilled hands of the cook do the job. Hence, these two types of rotis of north India and the bhakri of western India require skill and experience for making them.

In rural north India, there used to be the village tandoor that was used as a common oven to bake the tandoori roti. All the women of the village would take their dough to the common village tandoor and bake their tandoori rotis for their own household. The village tandoor was the social focal point of the village where the women would meet and socialize in the evening as they got their rotis ready for dinner.

There are a few types of tandoori rotis with a slight variation in the tandoori roti details; the simple tandoori roti made of unrefined wheat flour, the roomali roti that is made of refined wheat flour and made very thin and large using the hands to turn and stretch the dough and a large variety of stuffed tandoori rotis that are stuffed with minced vegetables or meat with salt and condiments.