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Goan Recipes

Goa is the twenty fifth declared state in India in the year 1987. For over 450 years Goa was under the direct rule of the Portuguese from the year 1510 to 1961. After India’s independence, the Portuguese did want to part with Goa and thus India government had to initiate a military operation. Thus Goa came under the rule of Government of India.

As Goa is a western coastal state along Arabian Sea, neighboring Karnataka and Maharashtra. One of the largest influences of any culture is the cuisine. Goan culture is vibrant in terms of its heritage and cuisine. Goa has evolved a special type of cuisine which is unique to the place. Goan cuisine has rice as its staple food and includes seafood, coconut milk and use of locally available spices.

Goan cuisine can be mainly divided into Goan Hindu cuisine and Goan Christian cuisine which has been influenced by the Portuguese. The seafood taken by Goans includes a variety of fish which include Kingfish (Viswan), Pomfret, Shark, Tuna, Mackreal, shellfish, crabs, prawns, tiger prawns, lobster, squid and mussels. These are some of the most commonly eaten fish and crusteceans. On the other hand, Goan vegetarian food includes all kinds of vegetables, lentils, bamboo shoots, roots, etc. apart from the use of spices such as asafetida, fenugreek, curry leaves, mustard, black gram, etc. in their dishes.

Some of the most famous Goan recipes and dishes in non-vegetarian categories include Goan Fish curry, Prawn Xeque Xeque, Apa de Camarao, Prawn Rissoles, Goan Roast Chicken, Salted Pork,  Ambot Tik, Arroz Doce, Balchao, Canja de Galinha, Chamucas, Croquettes, Roast beef, Sorpotel, Chicken Xacuti, Chicken Cafreal, Beef rolls,  Samerian Chi Kodi, Patoleo, Sanna, Solantule Kodi, Vindaloo, Bebik or Bebinca, etc. These Goan recipes and preparations include the best Goan non-vegetarian delicacies in both sea food and meat categories.

Goan recipes list are available in many of the cookery books on Goan cuisine. With the help of a Goan recipes list one can cook the best Goan curries, both in veg and non-veg at home. These days, Goan recipes online are becoming famous as it is easy for people to get information about Goan recipes online.