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Singhar Mithai Sev Mithai

Singhar Mithai Sev Mithai

Brief Description

Singhar Ji Mithai is a delicious and yummy sweet for every occasion. The base of this sweet is Singhar.  Singhar Ji Mithai recipe is also known as feeka maawa or non salty sev. Learn how to prepare Singhar Ji Mithai by following the given method.

Preparation Time 10 mins
Cooking Time 15 mins
Serves 4

Ingredients for Singhar Mithai Sev Mithai

  • Feeka Sev -250 g
  • Feeka Maava-250 g
  • Sugar-250 g
  • Water-1½ cup
  • White Rose Essence-6 drops
  • Food Color-1 Yellow
  • Almonds-10
  • Non- Salty Pistachios-10
  •  Vark for Garnishing

Singhar Mithai Sev Mithai

How to make Singhar Mithai Sev Mithai

  • Take water and melt the sugar in it. 
  • Now add few drops of yellow color to it.
  • Put sev in it and mix gently.
  • Put mawa in it and mix it well till it results in a thick mixture.
  • Add few drops of white rose essence in the mixture. Mix it well and immediately keep it aside.
  • Now grease a platter with vegetable oil on.
  • Then place the mixture over the platter evenly and use the almonds, pistachios and silver varq to garnish it.
  • Keep it aside to cool it and then cut it into desired pieces.
  • Singhar ji Mithai is ready.

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