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Brief Description

Shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish made up of yogurt.  It is a very popular dish in all over India. Specially made in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Learn how to prepare shrikhand.

Preparation Time 15 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Serves 4

Ingredients for Shrikhand

  • Curd -1/2 kg.
  • Sugar-300 gms.
  • Cardamom Powder-1/2 tsp.
  • Few Strands Saffron
  • Crushed Pista and Almond -1/2 tbsp.


How to make Shrikhand

  • Put the curd in a clean muslin cloth for about 6-7 hours
  • Now put that into the bowl and add sugar to it.
  • Keep aside for 25-30 minutes to allow sugar to dissolve.
  • Add saffron into 1 tbsp. milk and dissolved it properly. Keep it aside.
  • Mix well till sugar has fully dissolved into curd.
  • Mix in cardamom powder and dissolved saffron and half nuts.
  • Put it into a glass serving bowl, top with remaining nut crush.
  • Refrigerate it for 1-2 hours before serving.
  • Shrikhand is ready to serve.


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