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Tomato Garlic Chutney

Amla Ki Chutney

Brief Description

Tomato garlic chutney is well liked in many Indian households. It is usually served along with fried snacks and even with simple rice and dal

Time for preparation 05 minutes
Cooking Time 10 minutes
Serves 0

Ingredients For Tomato Garlic Chutney

  • Tomatoes- 1 kg
  • Red chili pepper- 1 tsp
  • fresh Ginger- 30 gm
  • chopped Garlic- 2 cloves
  • Raisins- 60 gm
  • Salt- 2 tsp
  • Onion- 1
  • Sugar- 240 gm
  • Crushed Cardamoms- ¾ tsp
  • Vinegar- 1 ½ cups
  • blanched Almond- 10

Tomato Garlic Chutney

How To MakeTomato Garlic Chutney

  • Cook tomatoes for 5 min in boiling water.
  • Take the tomatoes out of the water and peel off their skins and chop them up.
  • Slice the ginger into long thin pieces.
  • Now put tomatoes, chopped garlic, red chili pepper and ginger into a cooking pot and cook till they all are tender.
  • Keep stirring continuously.
  • Now add sugar, vinegar, cardamoms, raisins and cook for another ten more minutes.
  • Take it off the flames and let it cool before transferring to a preserving jar.

Tomato Garlic Chutney

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