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Sabz Murg

Sabz Murg

Brief Description

Sabz Murg is a unique and delicious Chicken recipe. Follow this simple procedure to prepare Sabz murg.

Preparation Time 20 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Serves 4-5

Ingredients for Sabz Murg

  • Chicken pieces-250 gm
  • Curd-250 gm
  • Green coriander paste-125 gm
  • Green Chilli paste-1 tsp
  • Almonds & Cashew (grounded )- 1 tbsp
  • Oil-4 tsp
  • Onion & garlic paste-2 tbsp
  • Add salt according to taste
  • Small amount of jayphal

Sabz Murg

How to make Sabz Murg

  • Firstly season the chicken pieces with green chilli paste, curd, green coriander, almonds and grounded cashew.
  • Now heat some oil in a pan and then fry onion and garlic paste in it and continue doing this till it turns golden brown.
  • Now add chicken pieces to the mixture and fry it and then add the seasoned mixture prepared and then cook it further.
  • Now finally add some salt in the recipe (according to your taste) and small amount of jayphal.
Now Sabz Murg is prepared and ready to serve.

Sabz Murg

Some Useful Tips

If you are thinking of preparing garlic, fresh chilli and ginger pastes at home, then make sure you add tablespoon of canola/hot vegetable/ sunflower cooking oil to the paste and mix it well this will ensure a longer life for the paste prepared. Refrigerate and use it as per your requirement.

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