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Mango Burfi

Mango Burfi

Brief Description

Mango Burfi is a delicious sweet Indian recipe which is quite easy in preparation. Follow this simple method to prepare this yummy recipe.

Preparation Time 15 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Number Of Serves 4

Ingredients for Mango Burfi

  • Four cups of sliced and cube shaped ripe mango
  • One cup ghee
  • One cup semolina
  • Two cup sugar
  • One fourth teaspoon of nutmeg powder

Mango Burfi

How To Make Mango Burfi

  • Firstly properly mix the mangoes piece till they become smooth.
  • Take a big kadai and heat some ghee in it.
  • Now add semolina in the kadai and sauté it till it gets brown in color.
  • Add some sugar and mango pulp to this recipe mixture.
  • Start the cooking process and stir the mixture in between and do this until a thick lump is prepared.
  • Now add some nut meg powder in the mixture and place it in a greased thali.
  • Finally allow it to cool till it gets a little hard and then divide it in proper shape.

Mango Burfi

Mango Burfi

Some Useful Tips

  • Use ishad mangoes for preparing this recipe as they contain a lot of pulp more than any other variety of mangoes available in market here.

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