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Cocktail Kheer

Cocktail Kheer

Brief Description

Cocktail Kheer is a very famous dessert recipe which is quite simple and easy to prepare. This recipe is absolute favorite among kids. Learn how to prepare this recipe by following the procedure given below.

Preparation Time 15 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Number Of Serves 4

Ingredients for Cocktail Kheer

  • Carrot- 1
  • Milk- 1l
  • Ghee- 2 tbsp
  • Sugar- 250 gm
  • Hot Water- 3-4 cups
  • Pistachios- 8
  • Cardamom- 4
  • Almonds- 8
  • Cashew- 8

How to Make Cocktail Kheer

  • Keep pistachios and almonds soaked in water for an hour and then remove their skins. Make a fine of them with a bit of milk.
  • Peel and grind the carrots.
  • Take a pan and heat ghee in it. Fry the cardamoms in ghee.
  • In a separate pan boil milk.
  • Now add the pistachio and almond paste to milk. Put in cashew and carrots. Bring it to a boil.
  • Keep stirring and add sugar. Cook for another 10 minutes.
  • Refrigerate it for a while and then serve it cold.

Cocktail Kheer

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