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Channar Payesh

Channar Payesh

Brief Description

 The delicious Channar Payesh recipe is prepared from nuts, raisins and condensed milk. This mouth watering recipe is quite easy in preparation. To prepare this recipe you just need to follow this simple method.

Preparation Time 10 mins
Cooking Time 60 mins
Number Of Serves 4

Ingredients for Channar Payesh

  • Half ltr Milk
  • One tin of Condensed milk
  • Two tbsp Sugar
  • One cup of Water
  • Two tbsp Nuts
  • Two tbsp Raisins

Channar Payesh

How to Make Channar Payesh

  • First prepare syrup of water and sugar.
  • Now place some chenna in a bowl and add the hot syrup in the bowl and mix it properly.
  • Take a deep frying pan and boil some milk in it.
  • Now add some condensed milk in it and boil it for 2minutes and leave it for cooling for sometime.
  • Now add the milk mixture in channa but just one spoon at a time. Mix it completely to prepare a homogenous mixture until the time it consumes all the milk.
  • Now put this mixture in a bowl.
  • Add some raisins and nuts to the mixture and serve the recipe chilled.

Channar Payesh

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