About Police Stations In India

Welcome To The Andhra Pradesh Police:

In India, the state of state enforces the law through the state Police. Government of state controls the police through Department of Home Affairs. Director General of Police is that the head of the state Police and manages the police through a hierarchy of subordinate officers.

Vision and Mission of state Police

AP local department is delimited by its commitment to supply enforcement within the state of state through its officers and men. it's additionally committed for building community partnerships, preventing crime, and protective each residents of the state.

The Andhra local department is committed to supply quality, productive, effective, and economical policing. This includes developing stronger police-citizen relationships to foster stronger relations and develop community feeling to scale back crime. The department can still give for the security and improvement of the standard of community life. The welfare of the community can invariably air the foremost priority of the police. The department can make sure that correct the rights of voters don't seem to be compromised which it continues to perform in friendly manner. The transparency of the department can invariably be maintained in its entire affair.
Emergency Number of Andhra Pradesh Police

Crime against Children and Women

Dial 1091


Dial 1090


Dial 100

Online Link for Reporting Crime


Status Check for Reported Crimes


Status Check for a particular case


Ranks in Andhra Pradesh Police

  • Police constable
  • Head constable
  • Asst. sub inspector of police(ASI)
  • Sub inspector of police (SI)
  • Inspector of police
  • Deputy superintendent of police
  • Addl. superintendent of police
  • Superintendent of police (SP)
  • Deputy inspector general of police (DIG)
  • Inspector general of police (IGP)
  • Addl. director general of police
  • Director general of police

Organization chart for Andhra Pradesh Police

The hierarchy of Andhra Pradesh department of local government makes for a tree like data structure with Director General of Police at the highest. It additionally includes data concerning the various zones underneath that the personnel works that features Hyderabad Region, Rayaseema Region, Warangal, and Andhra regions. It additionally embrace the Guntur vary.

Andhra Pradesh Police Important Telephone Numbers

Rank Office Number e-Mail ID
Inspector General of Police(PCS) 23244508  ig@pcs.appolice.gov.in
Director General of Police 23235170 23351612 23232831 dgp@appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P. (Admn.) 23232067 23411198 adg_admn@appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P. (L & O) 27852284 23232688 23400081 adg_lo@appolice.gov.in
Addl.D.G.P(CID) 23242424
Chairman (SLPRB) 27852202 chairman_slprb@appolice.gov.in
Addl. DGP (Railways) 23235498 27853766 adg@grp.appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P. (Legal) 23299148 23418171 27852474 adg_lgl@appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P . (Co-Ordination) 23236101 23307793 27852285 adg_coord@appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P. (P & L) 23232961 23319992 27852281 adg_pl@appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P. (Training) 23214940 23411789 27852515 27852593 adg_trg@appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P . (Human Rights) 23297218 27705555 27852316 27853733 adg_hr@appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P. (Home Guards) 23235005 23542130 27852565 27852586 adg_hg@appolice.gov.in
Addl. D.G.P. (Welfare) 27852515 adg_welf@appolice.gov.in
Addl. DGP (Organisation) 23214935 23541664 27852314 ig_org@appolice.gov.in
IGP (Organisation) 23212839 23552626 27852317 ig_org@appolice.gov.in
IGP (Sports) 23234998 23418343 27852252 ig_sports@appolice.gov.in
IGP (Training) 23214921 27905848 ig_trg@appolice.gov.in
IGP (Admn.) 23211659 27852696 27852789 ig_admn@appolice.gov.in
IGP (Home Guards) 23231819 23552111 ig_hg@appolice.gov.in
DIG (Traning)   dig_trg@appolice.gov.in
AIG (Admn.) 23233035 23412003 27852288 aig_admn@appolice.gov.in
AIG (L & O) 23235401 aig_lo@appolice.gov.in

Police Recruitments in Andhra Pradesh

The police department publishes notifications for the post of Sub Inspector in different departments regularly. The application format has to be followed while filling the application form. The details about no. of vacancies, educational qualifications, age limit and other particulars are available at http://apstatepolice.org/APPW/jsp/userRec.do?method=viewRecDetails.