About Mountains In India

Mountains in India

Himalayas come back 1st among mountains of Asian country, though it covers 5 countries, like Asian country, Nepal, People’s republic of China and Asian nation except for Asian country, boxed by mountain chain, chain of mountains vary, Tibetan highland and Indo-Gangetic Plain, having of its foothills another mountainous vary Shiwalik Hills, more north lower range of mountains vary, whereas several of its peaks forming Sacred spots for Hindus and Buddhists,

Nanda Devi is another high mountain of Asian country, control because the second highest of the globe, legends vocation it the female offspring of the Himalaya and control sacred among Hindus, whereas Kangchenjunga is thought-about the third highest of the globe, each square measure far-famed mountains of Asian country nearer to the Himalaya and of Asian nation border.

Aravalli Ranges square measure same to be the oldest among mountains of Asian country, covering the northern finish of the country, lining up the States of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Haryana terminating of Central Old Delhi, chemical analysis back to the days earlier to Indian landmass colluding with Eurasian Plate.

Karakoram range of mountains of the extreme north of India, start from Hind Kush range, running through a length of 482 km, with a breadth of 46 to 48 Km, keeping off  Kashmir from China and South Central Asian States, housing around 300 peaks, including the world’s second highest peak K2, and also the world famous glaciers Siachen Glacier, Gaisherbroom and Masherbroom, forms part of the famous mountains of India.

Vindyamountains range runs just of the middle of the country, marking the regions of India into North and South geographically, its western end  lying of the State of Gujarat and the eastern end going up to Mirzapur of Uttar Pradesh, touching River Ganges.

Western Ghats, also called Sahyadri ,  is a range of mountains covering the western part of southern India, commencing its spread from the State of Gujarat, running through Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu, going upto the southern tip, its coverage around 160,000 km2 gaining the importance as a Hottest Biodiversity hotspot, housing over 5000 species of living and flowering plants and large varieties of animal species, and it is another significant set of mountains of India.

There are quite a few mountains of India, which are popular as hill stations, such as Nilgiris, Yerkaud, Kodi hills of the south,  of them Palani mountain gaining religious importance, likewise a number of mountains of India of the south and east, not beingcontiguous like Western Ghats, although referred as Eastern Ghats, adorning the regions of  Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Paschim Bengal, some of them being sacred locations, as with TirumalaTiruppati hills of Andhra Pradesh andMalaiMahadeswara Hills of Karnataka, there are innumerable mountains of India, pleasing every visitor with large areas of ecological richness.