About Mosques In India

Famous Mosques In India

There area unit notable mosques throughout the planet, among that there area unit extraordinary mosques settled of Bharat, created and established at numerous points of your time, a number of them being notable mosques of Bharat by virtue of their subject area eminence, 5 of them area unit traditionally nice.

Jama house of God settled at New Delhi, that was engineered of 1656 AD by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the complete construction being through with white marble and arenaceous rock, architecturally having associate distinctive combination of Hindu and monotheism designs, that is additionally called Masjjid-I-Jahanuma, to mean that it's a musjid commanding the read of the planet, with its grounds having area to accommodate as several as 25000 devotees at a time, with 3 arched gateways and a good steps, is one among the notable mosques of Bharat.

Cheraman Juma Masjd is another among notable mosques of Bharat, settled of Kodungalloor, Kerala, that is thought to own been the primary ever created mosques of Bharat, around 629 AD, being unique with a mix of ancient Kerala design and Arabian arts, with impressive wood work, besides addition of brass lamps fitted to the structure, that is often a Hindu apply, this is often one among the notable mosques of Bharat wherever Bakrid and Ramadan celebrations area unit control of a grand manner.

Dargah Sharif mosque at Ajmer, also referred as Holy Dargah gains importance because of it is considered as a sacred Muslim shrine of the country, people to go to this mosque include Hindus, upholding a tomb of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti, who was a Sufi saint worked for the upliftment of poor and downtrodden of this country, based on this fact alone, people from all walks of life, without any discrimination out of caste, creed or religion, go to this Mosque to offer their Prayers and homage to this divine soul.

Haji Ali Mosque is another famous Indian mosque situated of Mumbai, of an island off the Worli coast, where people of other faiths too go for worship for their wish fulfillment, as many as 40000 pilgrims visiting the shrine on Thursdays and Fridays, this being one of the famous mosques of India built of 1631 by a Muslim merchant and saint, who sacrificed all his wealth before making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Sheikh Salim Chishti is another among the five famous mosques of India, located at Fatehpur Sikri near Agra, is acquiring its importance because of the finest Mughal architecture with which it has been constructed, its tomb having been the spot where the Sufi saint Sheikh Salim Chishti  had been doing his meditation.