Map Of Siddharthnagar

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Details of siddharthnagar

siddharthnagar district is located in the state of uttar pradesh. This district has a total female population of 992920 women; on the other hand the population of male is 1047165 contributing to a total population of 2040085. Looking at the growth rate of population in siddharthnagar, according to the census of 2011 the population growth rate is %. Through the very same source it is found that has a sex ratio of females per 1000 males. With the literacy perspective, siddharthnagar has a literacy rate of %. siddharthnagar is a majority district, mainly dominated by hindu with a percentage of , followed by muslim having percentage of , then christian are . At the same time there sikh are and buddhist are, and jain are,.
Geographical Information for siddharthnagar
District Name: siddharthnagar
Male Population :1047165
Female Population :992920
Total Population :2040085
State: uttar pradesh
Country: India
Country ISO code: IN
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