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Languages In India

India could be a country that has along with her a minimum of 1652 languages spoken by individuals as their natural language, whereas consultants area unit of opinion that there area unit several thousands of languages and dialects practiced at varied a part of this wide and huge country, the Language Hindi being spoken by forty first of the individuals, that has created the country opting it because the Country’s National language, below the provisions of the Constitution of Republic of India, and therefore the script to be in Devnagari that is that the common style of Hindi writing.

The remaining a part of the individuals speaking completely different languages, significantly within the East, Bengali being the language and therefore the southern a part of the country speaking four distinct and completely different Dravidian languages, viz., Tamil, Telugu, Kanada and Malayalam, excluding Tulu in some region, every of those languages spoken preponderantly in these States, that area unit really fashioned on the idea of the language issue solely, even ignoring different aspects of Geographical benefits, the Central Government has opted to pronounce English additionally because the Official language, that provides a stunning link among all the voters of the country hailing from completely different regions.

In fact, the most of the  Languages of India have emanated from several language family sources , the majority of them  from  the Indo-Aryan languages, which can be considered as a part of Indo European languages, spoken by almost 74% of Indians , apart from the Dravidian languages spoken by 23% of Indians in the southern part of the country having different origins, the remaining languages belonging to the Tibeto-Burman, Austro-Asiatic, and a few minor language families from a few other unknown sources.

Starting with 14, today there are about 22 official languages in the Country, however, the legal sanction for pronouncing some language as official has been stabilized through some parliamentary process, there are claims for forming separate States on the basis of language spoken by some areas , which have erupted issues in some States in the form of political pressures.

Many people in India are also concerned with the Language Sanskrit, which was the language of the vedic period in this country, the language in which the great epics of the country Ramayan and Mahabharat had been scripted, becoming almost extinct, while a section of people who love this language are making  best efforts to revamp  and rejuvenate this language.

With Hindi declared as the Country’s Official language, most of the States in India, have the regional languages as their official language, along with English, as a second official language, it is another interesting point that there are different dialects for the same language in different parts of the region or State, in some cases quite different from the basic language pattern.


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