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Official Website:
Established: 1 November 1956
Capital: Thiruvananthapuram
Largest city: Thiruvananthapuram
Districts: 14 total
Government Body: NA
Legislature: NA
Parliamentary constituency: 20
High Court: Kerala High Court
Area Total: 38,863 km2 (15,005.1 sq mi)
Area rank: 21st
Population 2011: (2011)[1]
Population Density:
 859.1/km2 (2,225.1/sq mi)
Time zone:
 IST (UTC+05:30)
ISO 3166 code: IN-KL
Vehicle registration: NA
HDI: 0.925 (very high)
HDI rank: 1st (2011)
Literacy: 99%[2][3] (1st)
Official languages:

Karnataka formerly called as the state of Mysore is a southwestern state of India. It covers an area of 191,976 sq km. which is approximately 6% of total geographical area of India. Karnataka is the seventh largest state by area and eighth largest state by population with a total number of approximately 61,130,704 people inhabiting the area. Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka but it was earlier called as Bengalore. This state is bordered by Arabian Sea to the west, Maharashtra to the north, Andhra Pradesh to the east and Tamil Nadu & Kerala to the south of it. Krishna and Kaveri are the two rivers flowing through Karnataka into Bay of Bengal through Eastward.
Kannada is the most widely spoken language and it is also the official language of the state. Karnataka portrays a rich and vivid culture that has contributed to forms of Indian classical music, the Carnatic as well as Hindustani traditions. Writers in the Kannada language have received the most number of Jnapith awards in India. The traditional dress of women in Karnataka is saree. Women in Kodagu have a distinct style of wearing the saree, different from the rest of Karnataka. Dhoti also called as Panche, is the traditional attire of men in Karnataka. Rice and Ragi form the staple food in South Karnataka, whereas Jolada rotti, Sorghum are staple to North Karnataka. This state has a rich and ancient body of literature including religious and secular genre that covers the topic as diverse as Jainism, Veerashaivism, Vaishnavism and modern literature.
Karnataka has a literacy rate of 75.60% and it ranks amongst one of the most literate states India. The state is home to some of the premier educational and research institutions of India such as the Indian Institute of Science, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), the National Institute of Technology Karnataka and the National Law School of India University. According Karnataka to the information obtained in March 2006 the state had 54,529 primary schools with 252,875 teachers and 8.495 million students, and 9498 secondary schools with 92,287 teachers and 1.384 million students. There are three kinds of schools in the state: government-run, private aided (financial aid is provided by the government) and private unaided (no financial aid is provided). The language mainly used for education in Karnataka is Kannada and English, there are very few Hindi speaking people in this state.

District of Karnataka

Details of Geographical Information About Karnataka

Male Population : 75890665
Female Population : 73528363
Total Population : 149419028
Details of Geographical Information About Karnataka
State Name: Karnataka
Country: India
Country ISO code: IN
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