About Festivals In India

festivals In india

Festivals bring joy to humanity and Indian tradition nurtures this development. There ar festivals for each occasion in a very family, festivals around each season in a very community and festivals common to any or all regions of the country and a few exclusive to each region of the country. Festivals go along with celebrations, rituals, decorations, dances and music.

Festivals ar a part of living to each Indian to steer an agreeable living.

Festivals of the Family

There are festivals which goes like the life cycle of a member of the family, although the festivities connected with marriage function are predominant. But, there are many more.In olden times, and even now in villages, there used to be a celebration when a girl attains age. Then after marriage, when a woman conceives there is a festival to enthuse her by adorning her with bangles by all the women folks, which is called valaikappu in the southern part of the country. There are similar bangle ceremonies in other parts of the country too.

When the child is born, there is a naming ceremony which again goes with lot of festivities. The next grand festival would be the marriage. There are many ritualistic ceremonies, like feeding the child for the first time, celebrating the appearance of the tooth, child starting its walk, etc.

Festivals of the Community

Each community has its own festival. Agriculture and farming are the main activity of the country. IN earlier period, most of the festivals go with the break of seasons and enjoying the pleasure of cultivation and prosperity through produce. Makara Sankaranthi is the common festival throughout the country, when the Sun enters the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, when exactly the harvesting season begins and celebrations are found in all parts of the country. In Tamilnadu, they call it Pongal and celebrate it with festivities and joy around good food, good clothing and acknowledging the cattle for their kindness. Likewise, the other parts of the country celebrate this festival in different names, such as Lohri (Punjab) Gan-Ngai (Manipur), Akhatrij (West), BhogaliBihu (Assam)GudiPadwa (Marathi) Nabanna (Bengal), Onam (Kerala) and a few other names in few other States.

Festivals of India

The common festival celebrated throughout India is Diwali or Deepavali, which has different connotations at different regions; however, the festival is celebrated in the same way like wearing new cloths, bursting crackers and lighting lamps. While in the south they attribute it to Lord Krishna’s consort, Satya Bhama granting a boon to Naragasura, called Naragachaturti whereas in the north it is a home coming celebration of Sri Ram with Seethaji after Sri Ram’s 14 years of exile from Ayodhya.

Holi is another festival celebrated throughout India, while Ganesh Chaturti is predominant in Maharashtra but is celebrated throughout India. Likewise, Durga Puja of Bengal is prominent in that part, while the whole country celebrates that season as Ayudh Puja and Viswa Karma puja which celebrated in factories and workshops in a grand manner.

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