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Churches In India

India, being a rustic of cultural and non secular diversity, with native predominant population of Hindus, next coming back Muslims, the position of third largest population is control by Christianity, that faith has established Churches of Asian nation ever since it arrived at India of the primary century AD.

The number of churches of Asian nation is around twenty four million as per 2001 census, the bulk of Christians of Asian nation square measure Roman Catholics, whereas concerning 500000 out of seventeen.3 million members, belong to the main archepiscopal churches, the Syro-Malabar Church and Syro-Malankara church, that square measure headed by the Pope.

With associate degree approximate membership of four million, the biggest Protestant Christians belong to Church of South Asian nation, that is essentially the union of Presbyterian, Congregational,Reformed, Methodist and Anglican congregations among Churches of Asian nation, that is additionally one amongst the four united churches of the Anglican Church, whereas its counterpart of the north, the Church of North Asian nation covers one.25 million members and also the Mar Thoma Church with just about nine 100000 members,although not a full member, is of communion with Anglican Church.

The Churches of India today come broadly under classifications of

Roman Catholic-Latin Rite

Roman Catholic-East Syrian Rite

Roman Catholic-West Syrian Rite

Oriental Orthodox

Church of the East

Oriental Reformed





Latter Day Saints

while there are some small sub-groupings and churches of different callings maintained for the benefit of Christians living of various regions of the country.

The Presbyterian Church of India (PCI) which is among Protestant Churches of India has members mostly of Northeast India, with its headquarters of Shillong, which is capital of Meghalaya state belonging to  Northeast India, subscribing to the Westminster Confession of Faith and this Church maintains relationships with the Uniting Church of Australia of America, the Presbyterian Church of Korea, andPresbyterian Church of the United States.

Christianity arrived at India, at the  Kerala State locations, of Southern part of the country,  tracing  back its origin to the visit of St. Thomas one of the Apostles, who had reached there of AD 52, stayed there for subsequent spiritual stabilization, after rendering quite an impressive mission, he rested of peace at St. Thomas mount of the then Madras, now Chennai, and interned at Santhome Cathedral there.

The Church Union of North India, after a series of negotiations commencing of 1951 by the Church bodies like United Church of Northern India, the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon, the Methodist Church of Southern Asia and the Council of the Baptist Churches of Northern India, later the Church of the Brethren and the Disciples of Christ also joining, was finally inaugurated on 29 November, 1970 at Nagpur.

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