About Bridges In India

Bridges In India

About Bridges of India

Being an oversized country within the world, Indian bridges play crucial role within the country's path to progress. They positively ease the road and railways transportation. Keen observation of road communication helps to know however long and best bridges on rivers have earned outstanding positions. Some notable rivers of Asian country ar:-

  • Mahatma Gandhi Setu over Ganges River
  • Pamban Bridge as first sea bridge of India
  • Rajiv Gandhi Setu
  • Rabindra Setu in Howrah
  • Vidyasagar Setu on Hooghly
  • Narmada Bridge
  • Naini Bridge over Yamuna River
  • Brahmaputra Bridge
  • Jadukata Bridge of Meghalaya

No matter it is the roadways travel or the railways you choose, hardly you pass without the bridges in each and every part of India. It is worth noticeable that bridges in the country are ultimate lifelines for a transportation purpose in such large country housing several big and small rivers. Roadways as well as many railways pass through the rivers and are therefore linked through the bridges medium.

Country's Land Route Lifeline

It goes without saying that India is a country with several rivers big or small. India also has many canals, lakes and dams which could cause hurdles for the road and rail infrastructure in the absence of bridges. Need of bridges remain crucial to sustain all types of communication and to keep the infrastructure at right direction? Bridges are therefore designed and built with countless provisions that solely depend on the ardent needs, transportation loads and last but not the least purpose for that they are constructed.

Bridging the Whole Nation

With forceful changes within the Indian infrastructure and economy the thought of bridges too have modified and spanned on the far side the rivers, canals and dams within the current situation. Presence of uncounted splendid flyovers, tunnels, expressways and lots of such bridging ideas redefine country's infrastructure to the most effective extent. The role of such bridges so should not be underestimated.

Details of Indian bridges is long and endless. All nook and corner of country homes lovely bridges. They forever mesmerize Asian nation explorers. Such bridges connect several national highways to make sure road and railways transportations smoothen circumstantially. Of a lot of interest ar bridges that connect one portion of country with the opposite by roadways communication. smart range of railway bridges links all regions through railway bridges that ar integral in country's infrastructure.

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