Air Force Station In India

Indian Air Force maintains as many as more than 60 Air Force Stations, coming under seven Air Commands headed by an Officer in Air Marshal’s rank called Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, these Air Commands based at

  • Allahabad, which is Central Air Command
  • Bangalore, functioning as Training Command and
  • Delhi, which is the Western Air Command
  • Gandhinagar, which is the South Western Air Command
  • Nagpur, which is Maintenance Command.
  • Shillong, which is the Eastern Air Command
  • Thiruvananthapuram, which is Southern Air Command

The importance of the Southern Air Command lies with protection of important shipping routes, that is working 9 air force stations in Southern Bharat, like Tambaram, Sulur at Coimbatore, Madurai and Thanjavur, , besides 2 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, one at automotive Nicobar and also the different at Port solon.

Central Air Command operates with seven Air Force Stations in state and encompassing areas, that embody Agra, Bakshi Ka Talab close to Lucknow, Bamrauli, Bareilly, Chakeri at Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Maharajjpur at Gwalior.

Indian Air Force is additionally raising new air force stations, in strategic locations, whereas Indian Navy homes exclusive air bases for the aviation wing altogether its installations settled at totally different port cities.

The Western Air Command being the largest among the above seven, is of strategic importance because of its proximity to Pakistan, holding sixteen air bases between Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, and another fifteen in the Eastern and North Eastern Parts of India, among which the air bases at Adampur, Ambala, Chandigarh, Halwara, Hindan, Jaiselmer, Jamnagar, Jodhpur and Pathankot are considered very important strategic locations, while its other bases include Avantipur, Amritsar, Bhatinda,  Leh, Palam, and Srinagar, Sirsa and Udhampur

The Eastern Air Command has with it the Airforce stations at Agartala, Darbhanga, Baghdogra, Barapani at Shillong, Barackpore, Chabua at Dibrugarh, Dum Dum at Kolkata, Hasimara at Jalpaiguri, Jorhat, Kalakunda, Kumbhigram at Silchar, Mohanbari at Dibrugarh, Mountain Shadow at Guvahati, Tawang, Tezpur and Panagarh.

South Western Air Command operates with twelve air force stations, based in the States of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, which include Barmer, Bhuj, Nalia, and Poona while those at Ahmadabad, Nal, Suratgarh and Uttarlai in its command are forward airbases.

The Air Force Stations under Training Command are  based in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh States, while the maintenance command of the Indian Air Force operates from two Air Force Stations, which are based at Nagpur in Madhya Pradesh state and Nasik in Maharashtra State.